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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Reason Why WE Have To BOYCOTT Tabloid Media!!!!!

  1. Lainey of Lainey Gossip And Her TED Talk About Gossip BELOW!  Excellent!
    The reason why have to boycott tabloid media!!!!!
    The Hyena’s law is aimed at protecting and preserving: blackmailers, intimidators, cheeky people, parasites, double faced people, envious, inmorals, money- lenders, cowards, betrayers, liars, greedy people, charlatans…and any human species of the kind.
    ARTICLE 1 
    We will oblige the celebrity to the have his/her life exposed and sold when the famous person may be profitable. Should the celebrity be opposed to have this done, we will use any resort to achieve our objetives. In fact it is widely known that celebrities are somehow “obliged” to sell their life. That is known “As the price of fame” and celebrities don’t have the right to be opposed to our right of collecting our benefits.
    If a celebrity makes our work impossible to be carried out we will have to do a bit of acting. We will have to make up an “alternative life” (invented) but according to our needs. We will need 3 accomplices to achieve this: somebody powerful willing help us in change for some benefits, an audience anxious to experience morb of any kind and lifeless individuals and pervert, will to sell his/her soul at any price. This will not be difficult as there will always be a soul-sale available.
    ARTICLE 3 
    Any crime whatsoever will remain unpunished. We will be able to use any means at within reach: lie, slander, libel, break-in, prosecution, being insulted, public offence, outrage…with at considering age or sex of the subject to who our actions are aimed at.
    ARTICLE 4 
    If we ever run into an innacessible celebrity the strategy will be as follows: 1_ We will create a manipulated scenario, as morbid and shocking as possible.
    2_ We will have to create believable story with made-up: names, dates, locations…making is possible to discredit the targeted celebrity.
    ARTICLE 5 
    We will completely protected by “powerful willing” of the article 2 , we will therefore be allowed to extend this story false as long as possible, collecting huge profit from it. We will have to insistently bringg this to public’s minds mentioning whatever “reliable source”,in our articles,we may come up with. We must bear in mind that the term “source” may seen tricky in the public’s minds, whom the story false is directed to. We will have to apply too this perfect equation: “ A time after time repeated lie turns out to be truthful lie”
    ARTICLE 6 
    The subject before mentioned in the article two, “the pervet”, must have certain attitudes: a) an exagerated ego. b) failure as a professional. c) extreme ambition. d) be inmoral. e) arrogance…That subject may rewarded according to these attitudes and the price of his/her soul. Once the purpose has been achieved, benefits collected, the celebrity life ruined, we will make the subject to fall in oblivion and his her mouth kept shit for ever.
    ARTICLE 7 
    This article is aimed at “ the ever hungry public”, public considering it indispensible as far as our benefits is concerned. Making up a story with the necessary ingedients, for example: cheated other person, infidelity, a substantial age-difference between the protagonist, manipulated pics, ambiguous exposures, false statements… “ morbid scandals”… all these things will lead to success.
    Our insistent attitude day by day will leave public minds mixed us therefore it will only a matter of time until this is accepted as general truth.
    Final conclusions.
    Our manipulation is likely to diminish as time goes by. The time value will be related to the means used. The money invested, media diffusion and the wide attention of public. People are likely to doubt the whole setup and even find out prop that might be used against us. We do not mind this as our objetive will be achieved, benefits distributed, the celebrity prestige ruined and we will remain anonymous. We will leave manipulation vanish in time while we set our eyes and minds on our next victim.
    ~By Coldminds.

  2. 82Reblog
    Whether or not you are a fan of her site, Lainey of Lainey Gossip did a TED talk that is worth a watch. In it she discusses gender, motherhood, infidelity and celebrity and asks if they way we react to/treat celebrities and celebrity scandal (our obsession with celebrity moms, the slut-shaming of Kristen Stewart, the forgiveness of Ashton Kutcher and Chris Brown) says a lot more about ourselves and our society than we realize. 

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