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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rob Pattinson KIDNAPS BERNIE, Kristen's Dog When He Drives Away In His Pickup Loaded With Stuff!

Pattinson Kidnaps Bernie, Kristen's Dog In Broad Daylight In Front of Paps

Bernie's ears are down showing how unhappy she is
Pattinson's Pick Up Filled With Stuff
Pattinson leaves Stewart's house with his pick up full of stuff and KIDNAPS HER DOG BERNIE! Sources say Pattinson didn't want his dog Bear to be lonely for Bernie as they are good friends, so he stole Stewart's dog when he left. Sources say Kristen was looking frantically all over the house because she couldn't find Bernie. Stewart called the police and was presently making posters to pin up around the neighborhood of Los Feliz where she and Pattinson both own homes.

Now that Kristen has seen the pap pics of Rob driving away in his truck with Bernie she is  in a rage.

Friends say Kristen has been crying ever since she missed Bernie and couldn't find her.She never suspected Rob would do such a terrible thing to her. Friends say she has called the police and will press charges on Rob for kidnapping as kidnapping is a Federal Offense. She plans to ask for maximum charges and maximum punishment for kidnapping. (Capital punishment and life imprisonment are punishments for kidnapping.)

Here is the video of the story from Huff Post -  posted on Gossip Cop -  another very fine media exposure site - that renown newspaper of great repute. It's excellence for critical reporting of high profile news employing the strictest of ethical standards is applauded by all professionals in the media profession. HERE (paste in your browser if the link doesn't work)


A Cavalier History of Situationism: An Interview with McKenzie Wark

MW: I write in The Spectacle of Disintegration about 

Debord’s widow Alice Becker-Ho’s work on "gypsy" or rather 

Romani language as being the source of underworld cant or 

slang or jargon. Slang not in the sense of how it turns up in 

hip-hop, but in terms of ways of both concealing and stating 

at the same time. It’s a  kind of cliché that we live in this 

culture of over-exposure in which, if you even attempt to 

secrete part of yourself, you’ll just draw more 


companies as well as from law enforcement. But I think there 

are ways of stating things that are intelligible for 

"those who 

are in the know," to use a Becker-Ho phrase. Ways 

of being 

public that aren’t quite what they seem. It reminds me 


Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. We now 

know that “earnest” was late 19th-Century slang for 

homosexual. So that strikes me as kind of useful, that you 

can occupy a place in the disintegrating spectacle but 


quite be what you seem. And that struck me as being kind 


the last space available. ‘Cause if you try and do a withdrawal 

thing like the Tarnac Nine, it will get you arrested. And who 

really wants to be Žižek

There’s only one at a time, 

occupying a space in the disintegrating 

spectacle in a certain 


Do you get now what Rob's place in The 

disintegrating spectacle is? Do you see 

what he is revealing and concealing,

MW: What I learned from the comrades in the labor movement back in the day is: always assume you could be under surveillance but not that you are. There’s a certain vanity in assuming you are. So all of your statements need to be able to pass muster. 

Rob in his truck is assuming he is under surveillance. He is concealing and revealing at the same time,but only to those in the know. Are you in the know?

 It’s a sort of partial invisibility to create a different kind of attention for different people.

Anyone can "inherit" the spirit of the Situationists.

Don't hate the tabloids! Fuck with 

them!Have fun!