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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ai WeiWei Is A Tabloid's Dream Subject So Why Don't They Feature Him?

Ai Wei Wei holds off the Chinese Government with his art, humor and the powerful weapon of TWITTER.

Hitting China With Humor

Op-Ed Columnist Nicholas Kristof HERE

Ai WeiWei follows Nietzsche and Baudrillard following Nietzsche. Excess. Pushing China to the limits with ingenuity, humor, wit and fun, Ai WeiWei keeps shadow boxing them. Examples:

CHINA’S leaders have tried honoring Ai Weiwei and bribing him with the offer of high positions. They have tried jailing him, fining him and clubbing him so brutally that he needed emergency brain surgery. In desperation, they have even begged him to behave — and nothing works.

Ai WeiWei  who makes a video of himself dancing “Gangnam style” with handcuffs — parodying the Chinese state — that quickly ends up with more than one million views on YouTube?  And this is a visual pun on Nietzsche's saying "Dancing in Chains". The East and West come together with Ai WeiWei's philosophical acts

That is what they are.

“I think they don’t know how to handle someone like me,” Ai said in an interview. “They kind of give up managing me.”

The pressure left Ai feeling more strongly than ever that one of China’s biggest problems is autocratic government. He became more outspoken, not less.
“At every step, they pushed me into it,” he said. “I told them, ‘You create people like me.’

After briefly lying low after his imprisonment, Ai has resumed his political pranks. Mocking the authorities for installing 15 cameras to monitor his movements, he broadcast a public “weiweicam” on the Internet with a feed from his bedroom so the government could keep an even closer eye on him.
“They almost begged me to turn it off,” he said with a grin.
When Hillary Clinton talks about Internet freedom, I think that’s really beautiful.”
This is the strategy folks. Memorize it.
Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart need a paparazzi strategy.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Petraeus Affair is DETERRENCE for Hurricane Sandy

The Petraeus Affair The Tabloid People Magazine Dec 3 2012
At this point in time, Petraeus is the head of the CIA. He used to be general in head of the forces in Iraq. But I am interested because of a "source" I know. 

From time to time I am in Lenexa Kansas. My friend there volunteers at a thrift store run by elderly people and volunteers. They package food pantry items in boxes, give out free food, free shoes, and always there is a large bin with lots of clothes in it for free. You just have to wade through the depth of it. Sometimes I talk to a middle aged Iraqi woman there. We have had conversations about how they hate Saddam but what can they do. And then the war which upsets her because she has a son there working for the US forces. She tells me one day that he is a translator for Petraeus. When I see her a few months later she tells me her son is dead, assassinated. She said it was all Petraeus's fault.

"Why," I ask.
"Because Petraeus was on TV and my son was in front of the cameras with him. That was his death sentence."
"I see, " I say. "It was like painting a bull's eye on him."
"Yes," she says.

But her tragedy is just beginning. According to Moslem law, when a woman becomes a widow with young children, the children are returned to the father's parents. I shiver in horror and say so. But she tells me that is the custom. And then I think that is not so bad. The widow will not be encumbered with fatherless children, and will be able to marry again. She is in a country where single women must be married to survive. A woman there will have no way to support herself and her children, no way to feed, clothe and shelter them. She must have a man, a father. Another man will not accept her children as he wants his own. So I understand.

But this is where the tragedy begins, as the US forces will not allow these grandchildren to emigrate. She cannot get them out so she and her husband can take care of them. They are in limbo in a war zone. Her other son is with her and he is retarded - tarde is late in Latin and re means again and again - so he is always late in his development. This is so much better than mentally challenged. She and her husband must bathe and dress him, change his diapers, and she is a heavy set woman but small and this is a great burden. She is now weighed down by misery.

I say to her, "But Petraeus must have known it was dangerous for your son to be in front of the cameras on TV. Why did he do it?"
She shrugs. "Who knows what these Americans do and why they do it."

I am thinking that he is a stupid man, a very stupid man. 

Now this is what a real fucking source is, readers of tabloids. A glimpse into Petraeus you would otherwise never have seen. A man who puts his translator in front of a camera for TV and exposes him as an American accomplice, a traitor.

Innocent Holly on West Point graduation day 1974.
Smokin' Hot and Totally Toned Paula Broadwell
Here he is in his dress uniform on graduation day from West Point in 1974. With his girlfriend Holly, the daughter of a 4 Star General. How convenient for his career as she would become his wife. Sweet isn't she. A real early pre-Elvis 1950's sweetheart. Brought up in an authoritarian military household, preparation for assuming the same role as her mother. But it's the mid 1970's and she is innocent, shy, and young Petraeus is the handsome young man with his good looking boy next door looks. Perfect match. 

Along comes Paula Broadwell embedded with the military in Iraq to write General Petraeus's biography for her PhD dissertation, interestingly titled ALL IN.

Holly Patraeus  holds the Bible for CIA swearing in still looking like 1950's grown old.
Petraeus then gets sworn into the CIA as its head. Gee someone who was so dumb he exposed his translator to cameras and got him assassinated now head of the CIA. And as it turns out can't even fuck around carefully enough to be discreet about whom he fucks around with. Paula Broadwell, it seems, sees that he is interested and flirting with Jill Kelley and starts playing hard ball as she has been having a long affair with the subject of her biography, for her PhD dissertation of course.

Did she plan the whole thing to coincide with the publishing of her Petraeus biography, with its pun title ALL IN? I bet it sells a lot of copies now.

Yes, he got ALL IN eh
Holly Petraeus after 38 years of marriage
Did he get ALL IN Paula? And then it seems he got caught up in two socialite sisters doing liaison work with the social scene in Tampa with the military, playing and flirting with two generals: Petraeus and Allen. But Jill Kelley and her husband start receiving strange emails. They feel stalked. So Jill Kelley turns them in to an FBI "friend" and then the fun starts. The FBI drags on it but eventually it heats up, and becomes the next big story.

Did my acquaintance's son know too much and did he receive "careless" treatment because he knew too much?

DETERRENCE is a Baudrillardian term. A Debordian SPECTACLE is manufactured by the media that becomes a mask occluding meaning. What else was going on at the same time? Why Hurricane Sandy of course. Our tragic warning of the consequences of global warming. A tragic scene with real people suffering real tragedy while the US's media is concerned with where Petraeus is putting his dick to get it wet.

And we have a stupid stupid man as head of the CIA who can't see how he was endangering his translator - unless he really did of course - and can't keep three women straight and away from each other's knowing and HE IS THE HEAD OF THE SECRET CIA? Gimme a break!

Do you feel safer now knowing they appoint someone like this? The only really smart thing he did in his life was marrying the daughter of a 4 star general to ensure his career would be stellar. Now papa in law is dead or senile so what the fuck....

Here's what the Petraeus Affair was hiding from us. LINK

And this is following Nietzsche folks. If you want to get rid of something carry it to excess to disappear it. Do it "worse". So this is tabloiding worse than tabloiding - hyper-tabloiding.

Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley, Petraeus's Linda Tripp

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kristen Stewart And Red Bull Together?

What are the chances of seeing Kristen Stewart in a Super Bowl Ad for Red Bull? Not as slim as you might think! According to our sources, here's the story. Aug 17,2012, The National Enquirer, A publication renowned for it journalistic integrity and vigorous fact checking, reported the following, "Ashamed over her scandalous affair, “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart has virtually stopped eating and is basically “living on” a dangerous diet of Red Bull and cigarettes, say sources. Friends are horrified at the guilt-ridden ac­tress’ gaunt appearance and fear for her health as she apparently punishes herself for betraying the love of her life." Kristen had not been seen in public for some time and her fans were becoming concerned. When she finally returned to the public eye, she looked a little thinner, perhaps, but nonetheless fit and attractive. The clamor for the secret of Kristen's amazing Red Bull Diet began. The Enquirer had offered no details. People started saying, "That Red Bull is amazing stuff! You can live on it!" Sources shared that Red Bull was certainly aware of the buzz, but decided to bide their time to see how everything played out. Now that things have settled down, sources say, they are making their bold move, in the form of a Super Bowl Commercial. A highly placed source leaked the details exclusively to us. The Ad begins with head/shoulder shot of KS in full Vampire makeup, red eyes and all. scene shifts to head/shoulder shot of hot male model sitting in chair. CG and sound will show vein pulsing in neck. shift to KS ,who licks her lip seductively. shift to model with camera panning down to lap were he is seen holding a Red Bull. Shift KS looking perplexed. Scenes now flash rapidly between Mountain Lions, Deer and other large game animals, and the can of Red Bull. Final scenes, KS holding can of Red Bull with some dripping from her mouth. she smiles and says Yum Yum. Over voiced Disclaimer "Fortunately, no animals or models were hurt during the making of this commercial."  Final scene KS smiles and says, "Red Bull, you can live on it!" Sure hope to see this Ad at Half Time!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Kristen Stewart Royalty?

                           Kristen Stewart                              Mary Queen Of Scots

By The Zorak:Is one of the most closely guarded secrets In British Royal History beginning to leak out? The offspring of Matthew Stewart 4th Earl of Lennox came to called Henry Stuart Lord Damley, whose lineage traces  back to Mary Stewart daughter of James II of Scotland. Henry Stuart  married Mary Queen of Scots. Enough historical background. Now to the story, sources say is rocking the foundations of the Monarchy. Scholarly research into the lineage of persons deported to the penal colony at Botany Bay, with led to the first European habitation of Australia at Sydney Cove, uncovered a curious record of a family with the surname Stewart/Stuart. The two different transcriptions of the surname peaked the researcher's interest. To make a long story short, the line was painstaking trace back to the 4th Earl of Lennox, and Henry Stuart husband of Mary Queen of Scots, and forward to John Stewart, father of Kristen. This established for Kristen and her brothers a direct claim, through lineage, to the Throne of Scotland. If Kristen's brothers were to renounce their claims, Kristine would be first in line to ascend the Throne! Although none of this has become public, sources  tell of a passionate Argument waging between those opposed to and in favor of re-establishing the Scottish Monarchy. Source close to Kristin say that she has been requested, by the Crown, to make no public statement on the matter, but she asserts that if her subject call her to service, she would humbly accept, as long as she can keep her day job. Sources further report that Kristen thinks its cool, and has always believed there is a mystical connection between Hollywood and Scotland ever since he saw a picture of the statue of that famous guy Braveheart. She said wow, he looked just like Mel Gibson! Look at the pictures above,check out the noses. What do you think?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Taylor Swift, Century 21 Girl

Will we be seeing an image like this in the near future? Nothing is written in stone yet, but rumors are flying! Sources confirm that it has not escaped the notice of the Higher-ups that Taylor Swift has done more than anyone else to focus attention on America's housing market. "Buy another house to be near someone you love" is one slogan being bandied about. Another being considered is " Boy Friends and houses, who says you have to settle for one?" Since its hard in this economy for many to afford one house, the hope is to appeal to to the young and affluent to be open to the idea that each relationship should be validated with an nice home to share memories in. Good luck with the gig Taylor. the fee will probably cover a house  or two.

Romeo And Juliet

Kristen Stewart     Taylor Lautner

By The Zorak:  With Focus Production up in the air, everyone has been speculating about what is next for Kristen Stewart. Well, with a lot of begging and arm twisting, our sources have finally come clean.Taylor and Kristen are heading off to England shortly after Rob Pattinson heads for Australia. In a risky career move, the two  have inked a deal to star in an upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet that will be presented this Spring by The Royal Shakespearean Company. Although Artistic Director, Gregory Doran could not be reached for comment, a highly placed source within the Company offered insight into the decision. Sadly, our source lamented, with all the competing sources of entertainment available to today's youth, interest in Classical theater has waned. What better way to spark interest, he continued, than to bring in a highly skilled,accomplished actor like Taylor, with a huge following of fans who marvel at his impressive stage presence, and the insightful artistic interpretations he brings to his craft. He than spoke to the excitement Kristen Stewart will bring to the production. With all the international focus on her private life and relationships,he continued,what better choice to play Juliet, and expose her many fans to the glorious works of the Bard

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Emma Watson  - Kristen Stewart - Paul Reubens


As often happens, the Tabloids got wind of a casting feud involving

Kristen Stewart, but got the movie and the principles wrong. The feud  has nothing to 

do with Katie Perry and Lady Gaga vying to play Mary Austin in the upcoming Movie

about Freddie Mercury’s Life. According to well placed sources this is NOT the true 

story. The real fight is between Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson fighting over the 

female lead opposite Paul Reubens  In the planned big Studio remake of 

Last TangoIn Paris.

 The feud has taken a toll on Emma and Kristen’s new found friendship. 
Sources close to Emma say she feels Kristen is being selfish.  Kristen got the opportunity 
to show her stuff in On The Road. and Emma thinks its her turn to take on a more mature 
role. Emma, also, has been a big fan of Paul ever since she watched want she calls  his 
breakout performance in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She raves about his depth and 
polished rendering of the character Amilyn. Looks like she’s already buttering him up. 
Take it down a notch girl!
      This cat fight has the potential to get really heated. Sources say Emma sent a
text to Kristen calling her Blood Mean. Kristen was said to have replied I know you are 
but what am I. 
Our crack staff will be keeping a close eye on this story!
BREAKING  NEWS Is Paul Reubens out of the picture? Sources say, that due to scheduling issues, Paul has pulled out of the upcoming remake of Last Tango In Paris, and the studio is currently negotiating with David Hasselhoff to replace him. Sources say that this may not help Kristen's chances to land the role. David, reportedly, thinks Emma is hotter! Sources say that Emma, in full gloat mode, tauntingly fired off a text to Kristen, saying "David's right, I am much hotter". Kristen is said to have replied,"In your dreams, you  scrawny butted Tart!" Rob, you'd better get between these two before the fur really starts flying! What do you think people? Are you team Emma or team Kristen? 

David Hasselhoff