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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Romeo And Juliet

Kristen Stewart     Taylor Lautner

By The Zorak:  With Focus Production up in the air, everyone has been speculating about what is next for Kristen Stewart. Well, with a lot of begging and arm twisting, our sources have finally come clean.Taylor and Kristen are heading off to England shortly after Rob Pattinson heads for Australia. In a risky career move, the two  have inked a deal to star in an upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet that will be presented this Spring by The Royal Shakespearean Company. Although Artistic Director, Gregory Doran could not be reached for comment, a highly placed source within the Company offered insight into the decision. Sadly, our source lamented, with all the competing sources of entertainment available to today's youth, interest in Classical theater has waned. What better way to spark interest, he continued, than to bring in a highly skilled,accomplished actor like Taylor, with a huge following of fans who marvel at his impressive stage presence, and the insightful artistic interpretations he brings to his craft. He than spoke to the excitement Kristen Stewart will bring to the production. With all the international focus on her private life and relationships,he continued,what better choice to play Juliet, and expose her many fans to the glorious works of the Bard

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