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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kristen Stewart And Red Bull Together?

What are the chances of seeing Kristen Stewart in a Super Bowl Ad for Red Bull? Not as slim as you might think! According to our sources, here's the story. Aug 17,2012, The National Enquirer, A publication renowned for it journalistic integrity and vigorous fact checking, reported the following, "Ashamed over her scandalous affair, “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart has virtually stopped eating and is basically “living on” a dangerous diet of Red Bull and cigarettes, say sources. Friends are horrified at the guilt-ridden ac­tress’ gaunt appearance and fear for her health as she apparently punishes herself for betraying the love of her life." Kristen had not been seen in public for some time and her fans were becoming concerned. When she finally returned to the public eye, she looked a little thinner, perhaps, but nonetheless fit and attractive. The clamor for the secret of Kristen's amazing Red Bull Diet began. The Enquirer had offered no details. People started saying, "That Red Bull is amazing stuff! You can live on it!" Sources shared that Red Bull was certainly aware of the buzz, but decided to bide their time to see how everything played out. Now that things have settled down, sources say, they are making their bold move, in the form of a Super Bowl Commercial. A highly placed source leaked the details exclusively to us. The Ad begins with head/shoulder shot of KS in full Vampire makeup, red eyes and all. scene shifts to head/shoulder shot of hot male model sitting in chair. CG and sound will show vein pulsing in neck. shift to KS ,who licks her lip seductively. shift to model with camera panning down to lap were he is seen holding a Red Bull. Shift KS looking perplexed. Scenes now flash rapidly between Mountain Lions, Deer and other large game animals, and the can of Red Bull. Final scenes, KS holding can of Red Bull with some dripping from her mouth. she smiles and says Yum Yum. Over voiced Disclaimer "Fortunately, no animals or models were hurt during the making of this commercial."  Final scene KS smiles and says, "Red Bull, you can live on it!" Sure hope to see this Ad at Half Time!

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