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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Emma Watson  - Kristen Stewart - Paul Reubens


As often happens, the Tabloids got wind of a casting feud involving

Kristen Stewart, but got the movie and the principles wrong. The feud  has nothing to 

do with Katie Perry and Lady Gaga vying to play Mary Austin in the upcoming Movie

about Freddie Mercury’s Life. According to well placed sources this is NOT the true 

story. The real fight is between Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson fighting over the 

female lead opposite Paul Reubens  In the planned big Studio remake of 

Last TangoIn Paris.

 The feud has taken a toll on Emma and Kristen’s new found friendship. 
Sources close to Emma say she feels Kristen is being selfish.  Kristen got the opportunity 
to show her stuff in On The Road. and Emma thinks its her turn to take on a more mature 
role. Emma, also, has been a big fan of Paul ever since she watched want she calls  his 
breakout performance in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She raves about his depth and 
polished rendering of the character Amilyn. Looks like she’s already buttering him up. 
Take it down a notch girl!
      This cat fight has the potential to get really heated. Sources say Emma sent a
text to Kristen calling her Blood Mean. Kristen was said to have replied I know you are 
but what am I. 
Our crack staff will be keeping a close eye on this story!
BREAKING  NEWS Is Paul Reubens out of the picture? Sources say, that due to scheduling issues, Paul has pulled out of the upcoming remake of Last Tango In Paris, and the studio is currently negotiating with David Hasselhoff to replace him. Sources say that this may not help Kristen's chances to land the role. David, reportedly, thinks Emma is hotter! Sources say that Emma, in full gloat mode, tauntingly fired off a text to Kristen, saying "David's right, I am much hotter". Kristen is said to have replied,"In your dreams, you  scrawny butted Tart!" Rob, you'd better get between these two before the fur really starts flying! What do you think people? Are you team Emma or team Kristen? 

David Hasselhoff 


  1. Peewee Herman. But that's not important. A friend of mine says she saw Emma and Kristen today and they looked really friendly. I'm sure they'll work something out.

  2. Emma stands no chance, Reubens and Stewart were vampires.

    1. Did you completely miss Harry Potter?

    2. What do you think of Kristen and Taylor doing Romeo and Juliet in London?

    3. Jacob/Romeo gets his chance, and blows it.

      Lots of fan angst.

      I really like the London angle. I hope they do British accents.

      Catherine Hardwicke should direct.