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Monday, December 24, 2012

Kristen Stewart Royalty?

                           Kristen Stewart                              Mary Queen Of Scots

By The Zorak:Is one of the most closely guarded secrets In British Royal History beginning to leak out? The offspring of Matthew Stewart 4th Earl of Lennox came to called Henry Stuart Lord Damley, whose lineage traces  back to Mary Stewart daughter of James II of Scotland. Henry Stuart  married Mary Queen of Scots. Enough historical background. Now to the story, sources say is rocking the foundations of the Monarchy. Scholarly research into the lineage of persons deported to the penal colony at Botany Bay, with led to the first European habitation of Australia at Sydney Cove, uncovered a curious record of a family with the surname Stewart/Stuart. The two different transcriptions of the surname peaked the researcher's interest. To make a long story short, the line was painstaking trace back to the 4th Earl of Lennox, and Henry Stuart husband of Mary Queen of Scots, and forward to John Stewart, father of Kristen. This established for Kristen and her brothers a direct claim, through lineage, to the Throne of Scotland. If Kristen's brothers were to renounce their claims, Kristine would be first in line to ascend the Throne! Although none of this has become public, sources  tell of a passionate Argument waging between those opposed to and in favor of re-establishing the Scottish Monarchy. Source close to Kristin say that she has been requested, by the Crown, to make no public statement on the matter, but she asserts that if her subject call her to service, she would humbly accept, as long as she can keep her day job. Sources further report that Kristen thinks its cool, and has always believed there is a mystical connection between Hollywood and Scotland ever since he saw a picture of the statue of that famous guy Braveheart. She said wow, he looked just like Mel Gibson! Look at the pictures above,check out the noses. What do you think?

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