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Monday, October 28, 2013

Grassley is Grandstanding for the SHOW TRIAL For DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV The US Is Mirroring Lenin Now

What inside knowledge is driving the official push for answers in the Boston marathon bombing case? by B Blake - LINK HERE
Would you buy a used car from this man?

Unfortunately B Blake doesn't know that Grassley is a shill, a "floating sign" acting as a mask to camouflage the "show trial" that is being costumed up for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to make framing him legit. We are following Lenin here in the late teens after Oct 1917, with his "show trials." 

Choose your enemies wisely for you will become  like them. - Nietzsche
The Soviets were our cold war enemies. We are mirroring them.

Here is some backstory on Grassley from whowhatwhy:


Rep Keatings "scathing" letter 
was never entered into the 
Congressional record; he sits for 
two committees where entry on 

the record
 would have shown a legitimate 
effort and actual 
investigative intent. House 
Homeland Security Committee 
and the Subcommittee on 
Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging 
Threats which is under the 
Committee on Foreign Affairs 
have no record of this letter nor 
is there any documentation 
regarding the findings by a 
Congressional Delegation that 
went to Russia at the end of May 
in any Congressional record; this 
trip to Russia has its own set of 
peculiarities as these 
Representatives set out on their 
own “investigation” into the 
radicalization of Boston 
Marathon bomber Tamerlan 

The Delegation chose to use the 

services of actor Steven Seagal 
instead of the State Department 
for this trip and purportedly 
Seagal arranged for them to 
with the FSB. Per a July 24th 
article in Huff Post Politics(a stellar choice of venue)
According to Rep Rohrabacher, 
head of the Congressional 
Delegation, engaging Seagal 
helped to avoid the experience of 
past foreign trips when all of the 
meetings had been arranged by 
the U.S. Embassy. "You know 
what we got? We got the State 
Department controlling all the 
information that we heard," 
Rohrabacher said. "You think 
that's good for democracy? No 

What's interesting is that Rep 
Keating reports that Russian 
officials showed him a letter they 
sent to the FBI in March 2011, 
warning that Tsarnaev had plans 
to join insurgents in Chechnya 
but that the Russians refused to 
provide him a copy of the letter.

More interesting is the trip 
appeared to occur via photoshop 
showing the Congressman in 
underground Pushkin Square at 
the site commemorating the 
victims of a terrorist attack on 
Aug. 8, 2000. The photoshop trip 
allegation with the pictures 
supporting the allegation made 
way to the comment section of 
several news articles in the first 
part of June.

Two months after the purported 
trip a video emerged showing the 
Congressional Delegation at the 
underground site; the "scathing" 
letter to Director Comey from 
Rep Keating was announced in 
the article that had this new 
video. Most peculiar, once again, 
the background to the 
underground site had changed.
Rep Keating letter:

The few Congressional and 
Senate Hearings that took place 
regarding the Boston Marathon 
publicly condemned the 
Tsarnaevs as guilty before any 
due process of law. The random 
assignment of a US District 
where the younger brother has 
been charged with capital crimes 
did not even occur until after the 
indictment; prior to that late 
June date and without random 
draw the case initially was 
assigned the same Magistrate 
Judge who signed for the FBI 
search warrant on April 21st, and 
as soon as the US District Judge 
was assigned an immediate 
referral back to the same 
Magistrate occurred; again, the 
court order was entered only on 
the case docket and did not make 
it to the court's all recent orders 
master docket.

The Magistrate referral was 
withdrawn just before the 
September 23rd status 
conference; this was a 
electronic order entered only on 
the case docket that was never 
recorded on the master all recent 
orders docket, and the case 
record still has the referral as 
active. No defense attorney has 
filed the required notice of 
appearance in the case. To date 
the court record indicates 
complete and unquestionable 
simulated criminal proceedings.

I watched every Committee 
hearing that was scheduled to 
address the events of April 15th. 
What I witnessed was 
unwarranted praise of 
incompetence and 
unquestionable "show" hearings 
where corruption was being 
covered up. The only hot 
was when Rep. Louie Gohmert 
had a heated exchange with FBI 
Director Mueller at a House 
Judiciary Hearing; a lack of 
investigation by the FBI into the 
Mosque because of who headed 
the Mosque Tamerlan attended 
was the subject of the heated 
exchange. Considering there is 

actual legitimate evidence that 
Tamerlan had become 
radicalized, the exchange was 
more than apparent for "show".

The hearing was scheduled after 
the NSA spying was outed by 
Snowden. Hearing Title: 
Oversight Hearing on the 
Bureau of Investigation 

This was the last Congressional 
Committee hearing Mueller 
attended before he retired as 
Director of the FBI. Footnote 4 
Senator Grassley's letter to 
Director Comey refers to 
Mueller's testimony at this 
The video is still available.
The Senate Committee on the 
Judiciary “Oversight of the 
Federal Bureau of Investigation” 
hearing was June 19, 2013 and 
this was Director Mueller's last 
appearance before this 
committee. There is no available 
transcript of the hearing but the 
hearing video is still available. 
Here is Senator Grassley's 
statement where he breezes over 
the Marathon Bombing with 
praise to Director 
There are no follow up questions 
on the record by Senator 
following this June 19, 2013 
hearing as stated in his letter to 
Dr. Comey.

Both, the House Committee on 
Oversight and Government 
Reform and the Senate 
Committee on Homeland 
Security and Governmental 
Affairs were sent official 
complaint letters on how this 
more than apparent government 
orchestrated event was a slap in 
the face to the taxpayer not only 
because it occurred on April 15th 
but because it occurred during a 
sequestration. Supporting 
evidence that the injuries were a 
lie, that the FBI was present at 
Blast Site 2, and that the 
had been photoshopped into a 
crime scene was submitted. No 
response has been rendered.

There is unquestionable 
collusion between our three 
branches of government to 
ensure guilt for this young man
the population of the USA was, 
without question, terrorized by 
the United States government 
and thus far impunity prevails as 
they continue to rob us blind. 
Keep in mind the event 
just before multiple 
appropriation bills were passed.

An extensive search of the GPO 
does not return either letter to 
Director Comey. THE SHOW 

The Congressional Delegation: 
Michele Bachmann (no picture 

her regarding this trip 
Dana Rohrabacher, William 
Keating, Steve King, Paul Cook 
and Steven Cohen.
Caption Added will it appear?
Notice the ceiling pipe on the 
right side of the pictures. Notice 
in picture of Rep Rohrabacher 
where the man is standing below 
the pipe that the sign is missing 

on the wall below the pipe that 
shows in the picture with the five 

The Officer present in the set of 
pictures that were released with 
articles that came out at the time 
of the trip to Russia is not 
present in the video that came 
out two months after the trip.

    Click to get pictures.

  • Monday, October 14, 2013

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Has Been Mutilated and Almost Killed While a Suspect, Not a Criminal.

    Dzokhar Tsarnaev as he will never look again
    We have medical reports of Dzokhar's injuries. His extremities were aimed at and he took 16 to 17 wounds from gunfire in his arms, legs, hands and feet. He will never be able to use his left (dominant) arm again. His legs are all shot up. A gun was placed in his mouth on the left side and fired out his left cheek, ripping open his face, leaving skull injuries/brain injuries and mutilation of his face. 

    We'll show the mothafugga! Shoot him up like those people were all wounded, losing arms, legs, etc. We'll do to him what he did to them. 
    Can't you just hear them as they pumped him full of bullets.
    Their victim now is mutilated, disfigured for life and can never use one arm again. 
    Serves him right eh.

    The US needs draconian laws because it has a population of savages who yell for the kill whenever the media arouses them, which lately is 
    far too often

    We have a government that forces down planes of elected heads of state because they think someone they want is on that plane.

    We torture prisoners violating the Geneva Convention Laws. We hold people in Guantanamo without trial. We hold people awaiting trial in solitary for months and years. We are no longer a nation of Law. 


    Paul Virilio

    We are following in the footsteps of Athens and we will destroy our civilization just as Athens did their own.

    Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty: Cracking the Thucydides Code


    Dzokhar Tsarnaev has been in solitary for over 170 days now. Ai WeiWei in China was in for 81 days and even he tells us what a terrible thing it was for him. Only twitter got him out and world opinion. China does not like to LOSE FACE.

    Now that I have mentioned that term as a metaphor let's look at LOSING FACE as a literal term. Dzokhar has LOST HIS FACE. Your face is your identity. Anyone who has been facially mutilated HAS LOST THEIR IDENTITY. They must forge a new one. People will respond differently to you now that your face is mutilated. And Dzokhar was a pretty boy. But no longer. He will present a different FACE to people and he will receive different responses to his SELF that he has never received before. Who he was is no longer. And when you look in the mirror the first time after mutilation the shock and terror and depression you experience is a frightful thing. There is no recovery from it. You are now a DIFFERENT person. You must make a New LIFE. How can you do that in solitary confinement? (And how about all the ones in Guantanamo?)

    Here's Lucy Grealy in her Autobiography of a Face

    Lucy Grealy at age 9 was diagnosed with incurable cancer. She had a huge part of her jaw removed - Dzokhar also from having been shot inside his mouth and out his cheek - and her life was consumed by multiple operations and plastic surgeries. She eventually committed suicide. This is her story. And this is Dzokhar's story now.

    Seems there are complaints about Dzokhar's face being shot up. The medical report from the hospital says: that he was shot in the left side of his mouth and it exited his left cheek, destroying part of his jaw, his skull - how much brain damage there? - and we have heard reports of his tongue terribly injured also. I read the medical report so if someone wants to look it up and post it in the comments that would be great. I can paste it in the body of this blog post and link it.

    I do know most people cannot believe things unless they are given an official report so that's why most official reports we get from the government are lies because people believe lies.
    From Julian Assange's interview here:

     But I think if we look at the bigger picture, OK, yes, 

    there’s some development in the US and the UK, which 

    is extremely serious. It's obvious to everyone. The rule 

    of law is gradually starting to collapse. The mechanisms 

    of government are lifting off from the population, from 

    the judicial system. The judicial processes are becoming 

    more and more secret. 

    Tuesday, October 1, 2013

    Video of Explosions and Dzokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev WITH BACKPACKS?  1:55 - 2:22  0:50 - 2:22

    These two videos show the explosions and they show Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev in the middle of the street. The top one is Real Time and the second one is 2X. The time numbers after the link URL addresses are when the Tsarnaev brothers are in the frame. We have looked at images for four months now and can pick them out as obvious to us. See the rest of the images on these blogs. 




    When I first looked at these images the video was small. Because of the confusion of readers, I enlarged it to full screen size and then I was not sure that the figures were the Tsarnaev brothers.
    They now look more like the "contract" men with very large backpacks. Or are they Special Ops?
    It is really difficult to be sure. As difficult as it should have been for the FBI to incriminate the Tsarnaev brothers on the fragmentary evidence they themselves used. 
    So however you choose to read these videos is OK with me. If the image figures in the video ARE the Special Ops contractors, WHY ARE THEY THERE? Why do they have such huge backpacks? What is in them? Could they have been the ones with the bombs? 

      Want more? for quick takes or further information on some of the issues raised here, please visit our sister site :