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Monday, October 14, 2013

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Has Been Mutilated and Almost Killed While a Suspect, Not a Criminal.

Dzokhar Tsarnaev as he will never look again
We have medical reports of Dzokhar's injuries. His extremities were aimed at and he took 16 to 17 wounds from gunfire in his arms, legs, hands and feet. He will never be able to use his left (dominant) arm again. His legs are all shot up. A gun was placed in his mouth on the left side and fired out his left cheek, ripping open his face, leaving skull injuries/brain injuries and mutilation of his face. 

We'll show the mothafugga! Shoot him up like those people were all wounded, losing arms, legs, etc. We'll do to him what he did to them. 
Can't you just hear them as they pumped him full of bullets.
Their victim now is mutilated, disfigured for life and can never use one arm again. 
Serves him right eh.

The US needs draconian laws because it has a population of savages who yell for the kill whenever the media arouses them, which lately is 
far too often

We have a government that forces down planes of elected heads of state because they think someone they want is on that plane.

We torture prisoners violating the Geneva Convention Laws. We hold people in Guantanamo without trial. We hold people awaiting trial in solitary for months and years. We are no longer a nation of Law. 


Paul Virilio

We are following in the footsteps of Athens and we will destroy our civilization just as Athens did their own.

Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty: Cracking the Thucydides Code


Dzokhar Tsarnaev has been in solitary for over 170 days now. Ai WeiWei in China was in for 81 days and even he tells us what a terrible thing it was for him. Only twitter got him out and world opinion. China does not like to LOSE FACE.

Now that I have mentioned that term as a metaphor let's look at LOSING FACE as a literal term. Dzokhar has LOST HIS FACE. Your face is your identity. Anyone who has been facially mutilated HAS LOST THEIR IDENTITY. They must forge a new one. People will respond differently to you now that your face is mutilated. And Dzokhar was a pretty boy. But no longer. He will present a different FACE to people and he will receive different responses to his SELF that he has never received before. Who he was is no longer. And when you look in the mirror the first time after mutilation the shock and terror and depression you experience is a frightful thing. There is no recovery from it. You are now a DIFFERENT person. You must make a New LIFE. How can you do that in solitary confinement? (And how about all the ones in Guantanamo?)

Here's Lucy Grealy in her Autobiography of a Face

Lucy Grealy at age 9 was diagnosed with incurable cancer. She had a huge part of her jaw removed - Dzokhar also from having been shot inside his mouth and out his cheek - and her life was consumed by multiple operations and plastic surgeries. She eventually committed suicide. This is her story. And this is Dzokhar's story now.

Seems there are complaints about Dzokhar's face being shot up. The medical report from the hospital says: that he was shot in the left side of his mouth and it exited his left cheek, destroying part of his jaw, his skull - how much brain damage there? - and we have heard reports of his tongue terribly injured also. I read the medical report so if someone wants to look it up and post it in the comments that would be great. I can paste it in the body of this blog post and link it.

I do know most people cannot believe things unless they are given an official report so that's why most official reports we get from the government are lies because people believe lies.
From Julian Assange's interview here:

 But I think if we look at the bigger picture, OK, yes, 

there’s some development in the US and the UK, which 

is extremely serious. It's obvious to everyone. The rule 

of law is gradually starting to collapse. The mechanisms 

of government are lifting off from the population, from 

the judicial system. The judicial processes are becoming 

more and more secret. 


  1. Since people want PROOF can someone please link me to the medical report where I read about the injuries being described by the hospital report. I stand by what I wrote. And sorry about getting the right arm and left arm mixed up. That is so important in the scheme of things which arm is permanently injured. It is this obsession with Trivial Pursuit that makes Americans so very stupid. But if they get on that TV game they will look oh so smart.

    OK now for the next question.For 100 thousand dollars, "Which arm did Dzokhar Tsarnaev get permanently damaged by bullets when he was in the boat?" The clock is ticking. Do you want to stop it and call someone on your list for help with this question. You are entitled to one more answer from your list of experts. Do you need it on this question?

    These quiz shows are how they have programmed you to focus on unimportant details while they pull the big stuff off in front of your eyes, because you are worrying about the details. Congratulations on getting an A+ in the course of Trivia.

    1. This post has been deleted from so I guess it was too controversial. Whenever one disrupts the Dominating Discourse they take a risk. Too bad.

  2. Pasted from whowhatwhy:


    Agree with the logic entirely, and with the possibility that it happened that way. However, just as it would have to be a freak hit to have happened from a distance, it would be a freak event to survive a contact gunshot through the mouth like that. I remember this discussion on FDL a few months back.
    (I think that you and pv may have been there, if I remember rightly).
    Whilst I don't know much about firearms (thank God), I did get access to some forensics articles (which I'll try to dig out, if this ancient machine is willing) which describe how intraoral gunshot wounds have characteristic patterns of damage to the soft tissue at and around the point where the bullet entered, and that these patterns are strongly correlated with distance from the gun to the point of entry. The correlation is apparently so strong that the damage patterns are used to characterise the injury as 'contact', short, medium, and long range, with those distances defined for given sets of conditions, and to within an accepted margin of error. Contact injuries are very, very distinctive.
    What was also of note is that to survive an intraoral (contact) gunshot wound is apparently so rare as to be the subject of academic papers. Also of particular interest here is a paper that describes how murder/manslaughter by this method can be distinguished from suicide. It is often a possibility that is overlooked, but it was shown that the two can be distinguished from one another."

    1. Cross posted on whowhatwhy in reply to the above:

      Well that rather explains his extremely critical condition when brought into the hospital and the fact that it was not known whether he would survive. The fact that he was most likely shot in the mouth after he was out of the boat and perhaps as he was being hustled on the ground? It would seem to me that someone did it in a fit of cold rage and deliberately wanted to damage him, kill him if they could, while others probably were of a different persuasion. We do know he got skull injuries from it, jaw injuries, which would mutilate his face along with the soft tissue ones in his cheek and mouth and tongue. No he will never have the same face, nor the same identity. When he stands trial after all this and solitary, he will be a broken young man, with little education, no skills to speak of, a ruined face, a lost identity, and terrible mental problems. He seemed before to not have a religious consciousness and/or a political one either. The soft younger brother of an achieving older brother.

  3. ladies, I saw him in court he is far from being driven crazy, smiling and blowing a kiss to his sisters is not some one mentally out it. And his face is little messed up but okay. He does not look the same, but then again, running from police is never a good idea. So this crap you have up here is complete bullshit, propaganda, another way to try and prove him innocent. But Elvis has left the building on that - and evidence in the hands of prosecutors and defense proves his crimes, his horrible crimes, that I hope he thinks about daily - I want it to bother him! If it doesn't then he is really a messed up murder. Even guys on death row come to some terms with their crimes.

    1. You certainly write as a person of sustained credibility who would be allowed in that closed courtroom. Are you some sort of celeb law junkie? A writer of re-known? No you couldn't be that the way you write.