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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Petraeus Affair is DETERRENCE for Hurricane Sandy

The Petraeus Affair The Tabloid People Magazine Dec 3 2012
At this point in time, Petraeus is the head of the CIA. He used to be general in head of the forces in Iraq. But I am interested because of a "source" I know. 

From time to time I am in Lenexa Kansas. My friend there volunteers at a thrift store run by elderly people and volunteers. They package food pantry items in boxes, give out free food, free shoes, and always there is a large bin with lots of clothes in it for free. You just have to wade through the depth of it. Sometimes I talk to a middle aged Iraqi woman there. We have had conversations about how they hate Saddam but what can they do. And then the war which upsets her because she has a son there working for the US forces. She tells me one day that he is a translator for Petraeus. When I see her a few months later she tells me her son is dead, assassinated. She said it was all Petraeus's fault.

"Why," I ask.
"Because Petraeus was on TV and my son was in front of the cameras with him. That was his death sentence."
"I see, " I say. "It was like painting a bull's eye on him."
"Yes," she says.

But her tragedy is just beginning. According to Moslem law, when a woman becomes a widow with young children, the children are returned to the father's parents. I shiver in horror and say so. But she tells me that is the custom. And then I think that is not so bad. The widow will not be encumbered with fatherless children, and will be able to marry again. She is in a country where single women must be married to survive. A woman there will have no way to support herself and her children, no way to feed, clothe and shelter them. She must have a man, a father. Another man will not accept her children as he wants his own. So I understand.

But this is where the tragedy begins, as the US forces will not allow these grandchildren to emigrate. She cannot get them out so she and her husband can take care of them. They are in limbo in a war zone. Her other son is with her and he is retarded - tarde is late in Latin and re means again and again - so he is always late in his development. This is so much better than mentally challenged. She and her husband must bathe and dress him, change his diapers, and she is a heavy set woman but small and this is a great burden. She is now weighed down by misery.

I say to her, "But Petraeus must have known it was dangerous for your son to be in front of the cameras on TV. Why did he do it?"
She shrugs. "Who knows what these Americans do and why they do it."

I am thinking that he is a stupid man, a very stupid man. 

Now this is what a real fucking source is, readers of tabloids. A glimpse into Petraeus you would otherwise never have seen. A man who puts his translator in front of a camera for TV and exposes him as an American accomplice, a traitor.

Innocent Holly on West Point graduation day 1974.
Smokin' Hot and Totally Toned Paula Broadwell
Here he is in his dress uniform on graduation day from West Point in 1974. With his girlfriend Holly, the daughter of a 4 Star General. How convenient for his career as she would become his wife. Sweet isn't she. A real early pre-Elvis 1950's sweetheart. Brought up in an authoritarian military household, preparation for assuming the same role as her mother. But it's the mid 1970's and she is innocent, shy, and young Petraeus is the handsome young man with his good looking boy next door looks. Perfect match. 

Along comes Paula Broadwell embedded with the military in Iraq to write General Petraeus's biography for her PhD dissertation, interestingly titled ALL IN.

Holly Patraeus  holds the Bible for CIA swearing in still looking like 1950's grown old.
Petraeus then gets sworn into the CIA as its head. Gee someone who was so dumb he exposed his translator to cameras and got him assassinated now head of the CIA. And as it turns out can't even fuck around carefully enough to be discreet about whom he fucks around with. Paula Broadwell, it seems, sees that he is interested and flirting with Jill Kelley and starts playing hard ball as she has been having a long affair with the subject of her biography, for her PhD dissertation of course.

Did she plan the whole thing to coincide with the publishing of her Petraeus biography, with its pun title ALL IN? I bet it sells a lot of copies now.

Yes, he got ALL IN eh
Holly Petraeus after 38 years of marriage
Did he get ALL IN Paula? And then it seems he got caught up in two socialite sisters doing liaison work with the social scene in Tampa with the military, playing and flirting with two generals: Petraeus and Allen. But Jill Kelley and her husband start receiving strange emails. They feel stalked. So Jill Kelley turns them in to an FBI "friend" and then the fun starts. The FBI drags on it but eventually it heats up, and becomes the next big story.

Did my acquaintance's son know too much and did he receive "careless" treatment because he knew too much?

DETERRENCE is a Baudrillardian term. A Debordian SPECTACLE is manufactured by the media that becomes a mask occluding meaning. What else was going on at the same time? Why Hurricane Sandy of course. Our tragic warning of the consequences of global warming. A tragic scene with real people suffering real tragedy while the US's media is concerned with where Petraeus is putting his dick to get it wet.

And we have a stupid stupid man as head of the CIA who can't see how he was endangering his translator - unless he really did of course - and can't keep three women straight and away from each other's knowing and HE IS THE HEAD OF THE SECRET CIA? Gimme a break!

Do you feel safer now knowing they appoint someone like this? The only really smart thing he did in his life was marrying the daughter of a 4 star general to ensure his career would be stellar. Now papa in law is dead or senile so what the fuck....

Here's what the Petraeus Affair was hiding from us. LINK

And this is following Nietzsche folks. If you want to get rid of something carry it to excess to disappear it. Do it "worse". So this is tabloiding worse than tabloiding - hyper-tabloiding.

Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley, Petraeus's Linda Tripp

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  1. On our way to destroying tabloids. This one is pretty bad eh.