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Friday, June 21, 2013

Reading Russell Brand Through Foucault and Baudrillard

We all know the Foucauldian Dominating Discourse of Media Interviewing. It is framed and the interviewee who is pitching something joins the interviewers in their frame.


At the end when he brings in Manning and Snowden as whistle blowers on US torture he imposes a fake interview format by framing them into the Discourse of opposition, of polemics, a Discourse of Domination with intent to inflame, incite opposite viewpoints, to destroy a rational reasonable Discourse that might expose the US government.

This is a video whereby the interviewee takes control of the frame, induces anxiety in the interviewers who have lost control, and whose Dominating language is exposed and unpacked. It leaves them fumbling like freshman because they have realized their prompt cards are masks dissembling the fact that they are "empty" of meaning.

The media here has been pushed to excess to the edge of the abyss, given a little shove over and it commits suicide all by itself.


Manning and Snowden and Assange are being persecuted, threatened with exposing secrets of the US (well yes our torture is supposed to be a secret) and their treatment, future punishment is as torturous as the torture they are exposing.

They are being threatened for exposing the simulation of protection of Americans, for the Debordian SPECTACLE of a justice that no longer exists in the US.


  1. I saw this during the week and it was a thing of beauty. Know little of Brand but my estimation of him increased after watching.YL

  2. Cody Wison of the 3-D gun print outs was just as good with Glenn Beck.