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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A link Between 50 Shades and An Increase in Crohn's Disease?

Crohn's Disease LINK

Types of IBD: Crohn's Disease

Crohn's disease is a form of IBD that can occur anywhere along the digestive tract -- from the mouth to the anus. It affects the deeper layers of the digestive lining and can occur as "skip lesions" between healthy areas. Crohn's often involves the small intestine, the colon, or both. Internal tissues may develop shallow, crater-like areas or deeper sores and a cobblestone pattern, as seen here.
A physician who wishes to remain anonymous contacted us about the increased frequency of Crohn's Disease in her patients who are young women. Her daughter-in-law had urged her to read Fifty Shades as she was concerned with some issues in it on anal eroticism. When asked about their sexual activity concerning anal sex they all confessed they had recently indulged in it after reading Fifty Shades.

The physician, a woman, then carefully read the book. She was appalled that while it was a specific sex manual on how to introduce an "anal virgin" to the "intense joys of anal sex" there was no mention of using condoms and/or careful cleansing before vaginal penetration. Five of the seven young women also had moniliasis infection in the vagina which comes from bacteria from the anus migrating to the vagina, usually from careless cleansing after defecation, cleansing from back to front, or from contamination from the penis. 

Becoming alarmed she contacted me to discuss this issue. She had also contacted other health practitioners about it and all of them seeing young women had noticed the same increase in vaginal infection, which when examined revealed moniliasis, and a number of them had been referred for a chromoscopy examination for cramps, bloating, and frequent daily diarrhea. She also considered the vast majority that were involved that were not seeking medical aid and just dismissing it as a temporary problem. Crohn's disease can go undetected for decades and there is no known cure. It becomes chronic and leads to other more severe problems like cancer of the intestines, malnutrition, and general fatigue and weakness, loss of appetite, and loss of weight. The effects are dangerous and the spike in reported cases is alarming. 

Upon reading Fifty Shades, especially the part where Fifty introduces Ana to  butt plugs to open her up to ready her for anal penetration is graphic and erotic. It is a step by step sex manual for the practice of anal sex. 

A reader of mine who wishes to remain anonymous sent me this email concerning a site named robsessed which fostered the reading of Fifty Shades when it was MOTU, a fanfiction at named Master of the Universe. It has since been pulled for publication. This is her comment which she has given me permission to publish.

It is my opinion that Twilight porn/fiction has done more to deplete and interrupt the personal live's of Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart than any other reason for their fame.
I will never understand why anyone wanted Twilight to be more than or different than exactly what it was/is.
Before FF, already, thousands of people were looking to the actor's to demonstrate the ideal (fictional) love of Bella and Edward.
Fan fiction has become a phenomenon just as Twilight was/is and now thousands of people look to the real life couple to BE the character's in their fan/fic.
Read any comment board on any fan site and you will see women watching their every physical move....every glance they give each other.....every PDA.....every word they say about the other....etc
How much has fan/fic done to fuel the obsession with this couple? To increase expectation about them? All in the name of feeding personal sexual fantasies?
Butt Plugs in Graduated Sizes

Rob and Kristen have not leaked a sex tape, nor will they ever so people have created their own sex tape with R&K as the stars. Fanfic writers have literally turned them into porno stars (publicly!), and they (R&K) have absolutely no control in this, no choice.
I have commented before about how I believe less interest in their personal live's would benefit them greatly. Twilight porn fiction has done more to cultivate interest and entitlement to their private live's than anything else.
Do I need to say how anti I am?, anti, anti.....

This book is sold in the young adult section of wherever these books are sold and there is not X rated on the cover while the lyrics of songs are rigidly controlled. They are really adult reading and should be in a special section not easily available to 12 and 13 year old girls who will follow Twilight into Fifty Shades as it started as a Bella and Edward Fanfiction. 

Expect litigation folks!


  1. This is a consequence that could not have been foreseen. Millions of young girls and women are going to be severely affected with health issues.

  2. Mainstream television journalists are discussing who will potentially play the parts in 50 (film version). Ryan Gosling and Anne Hathaway were mentioned on GMA yesterday.
    As if an actor of Gosling's caliber and talent would choose an adaptation from the likes of this book.

    The Crohn's link is really something to consider.
    Maybe we should contact Dr. Oz and ask him to do an episode on it. LOL