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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kristen's New Business Venture?

                     Kristen Stewart                                                                                                     Herman Cain

 By The Zorak:
The fine investigative journal The SUN, on Monday 12/31/12,  reported the Twilight star was snapped wearing a Hoodie advertising Mary’s Strip Club in Portland while arriving at LAX airport on Saturday. Speculating that she" appears to be a big fan of them. She even spends money in the gift shop."  Do you think The SUN stumbled on the real story? Not likely! We went to our UN-named sources, and got the story before anyone else! Kristen is wealthy now, truly a member of the 1% class, so she has assumed the responsibility of being a Job Creator. Sources say that Kristen was impressed by Mary's Strip Club's aggressive business model and sees great potential to expand into a chain with the added introduction of specializing in great pizza, "Pizza, Boobies And Beer", what a great business model! Source say that Kristen has reached out to Herman Cain, hoping to add his expertise in the Pizza business and, also, leaning on his reported eye for the ladies to help in hiring the best talent. Sources report that Kristen believes these girls need a hand up, not a hand out, and hopes to reward their entrepreneurial spirit by allowing them to secure work as independent contractors. Many innovative marking  ideas are in the works, sources say , like a large 2 topping pizza for $9.99 and  a 64 oz pitcher  of  Beer for the same $9.99. We'll keep an eye on this story. 9.99 Pizza, Beer, Boobies, sound like a money maker to us!