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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Did Liberty Ross "ARRANGE" the "SCANDAL" For Her Divorce Settlement?

Did Liberty Ross set up Kristen and Rob and Rupert to cash in  on a bigger divorce settlement now that she has filed for divorce? Nice strategy. Did Summit join the Game?
Liberty Wearing Same T shirt As Kristen in the Photoshopped "Cheating" Pictures. 

Liberty Wearing Kristen's Ever Present Locket

Look Kristen! Look Rob! Liberty Sanders is making fun of you!
Is Liberty Ross parodying Kristen's Wearing Rob's T-Shirt ? 

Liberty Wearing Rob's T Shirt Just Like Kristen - Is Liberty Mocking Kristen's Dressing in Rob's T-Shirts and her Locket?

Who the FUCK set these photoshopped images up to be sold to US Weekly and Poopsugar? Who had something to gain? A Great Big Divorce Settlement for Liberty!!! Free Promotion for Summit for Breaking Dawn II. Win/Win! And a fuck you to robsten,, Kristen and Rob.

Taylor Swift's Head On Kristen's Body

Poor poor Liberty Ross getting her marriage ruined by homewrecker Kristen Stewart.

Liberty - HOT!
Liberty Super hot!

Hot Sexy Liberty 

Looks like photoshopped body to me. How about you? Catwoman in TDKR was a Gamer making Gamer moves. Liberty knows about Gaming.  Rupert did the campaign for HALO! Her Catwoman costume for Halloween is telling us this.
Dead Or Alive Kokoro Pole Dancing

Kasumi fighting

The characters for Dead Or alive were modeled after top models. Liberty was one of them for Kasumi and Kokoro, who enters in Dead Or Alive Xtreme V.
They are strategists.
Nick Frenkel Rob's Manager good friend of Dan Abrams and Summit
Dan Abrams founder and Owner of Gossip Cop Out. Good friend of Frenkel and invests in Rob;'s movies and is tight with Summit

Goose Laying Golden Eggs


  1. Hi Jane. I think I had mentioned this before, but I consider Robert not only smart, he's very intelligent. So if Nick still around is because he's legit, as friends and family who continues with them.
    Don't you notice someone very close to them (to her in this case) that it isn't so much now? Notice jewels wich carries K and in wich no wearing. Two people changed their Twitter's bio last august.

  2. You are deluded about Nick Frenkel, Rob's manager. He was behind the fiasco of the bell ringing at the New York Stock Exchange. The big money people to cultivate for future investment.

  3. What fiasco? I saw him very proud to be there. ...???

    1. A very stupid move. It alienated millions involved in the Occupy movement.The entire young generation protested against cyber-capital which was the pivotal point of Cosmopolis and DeLilo has written about it in every book he has written.It was a disastrous PR move and Cronenberg was too stupid to understand it, Rob didn't know being British but that is where his sympathies lie, and Frenkel was just looking at the big 1% money never thinking about about the millions it would alienated for Rob's career.

  4. Hey if you are going to steal someone's work product at least you can give them a photo credit. :) twilighter

    1. Have no idea which image you are talking about. Is that kind of thing so important to you? You can take any of mine whenever you wish without credit. I don't care much about ownership and I did notice you took my 2 suns idea and didn't give me a link.LOL!

  5. Brava! I don't know where to begin. Brilliant in your deliverence of this and making everyone question what they think they know. Plant the doubt, just as the tabs did, only do it better! You succeeded! Point out the obvious that they chose to overlook and make them face it. I would have gone too far. You left them pondering on what they should believe and doubting what they do believe. Once the seed of doubt is planted, there is no denying the truth only their perception of what the truth is. You have exposed the lie. Well done.

    1. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Thanks. This one blog is not on disqus so I miss comments. I should do something about that.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Not to beat a dead horse but maybe some need reminding as the media keeps on with the "cheating" stupidity after over one year. I guess it makes them money but it corrupts the minds of their readers and this is EVIL.

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